Dreamforce ’09

There was a Dreamforce yesterday and today, and it was a lot of fun. There’s something about seeing huge crowds of people (19,000 attendees this year, apparently) that finally makes you realize that, hey, those numbers that you see in your inbox about features are actually people and, holy crap, people are using the code you wrote and, holy crap, they like it.

Also, as confirmed last Christmas party and at the dev party a month or so ago and last night, Salesforce is really good at throwing parties. Plenty of food and festivities and stocked, open bars. Win.

Photos from the past two days will be posted to photos 2 eventually… maybe tonight, if I’m feeling motivated, but likely tomorrow since I’m feeling tired.

But mostly I just wanted to link Colin Powell’s keynote this evening. It was one of the best speeches I’ve ever heard, and certainly the most impressive that I have had the pleasure to see in person. Go and watch it if you have some time. Seriously.

Also… new episode of Glee? Perfection. Quinn’s actress is excellent.

Edit: Posted.
Our mascots are awesome.

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