That was a rather fitting end to my horrible week, and rather interesting month.

Basically, we had kind of an emergency at work on Wednesday, and I spent the day debugging and fixing it. The scheduled patch release took place from 3 pm until 9 pm (much longer than I’ve seen any patch release go), then we did an e-release for my fix. Things seemed fine, until we realized the patch broke some customers… so it was back into the office to make another fix for another e-release that finished around 3 am. I suppose this release has given us so much trouble that I shouldn’t really be surprised at this point.

Yesterday was the release party, and it was held at Temple with an open bar. I proceeded to get fairly drunk… turns out having 5 drinks in the first hour, then another 2 before leaving is probably not the best of plans, particularly when my previous record was 3 in about an hour and a half. Still, the result was drunk karaoke at Sharon’s place, which might be one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. I also apparently drunk texted at least one person. Whee. Also, Chambord on the rocks might be the best drink ever, despite tasting like it’s pure melted sugar. I believe three of my seven drinks were just straight Chambord.

Here are some photos.
(There’s apparently also some video clips of drunk karaoke. I should go look through these at some point.)

Today will be more random fun. Good end to the week. :)

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