Japanese food and karaoke

Yesterday was a very nice departure from the normal monotony.
There was awesome Japanese food at Kappou Gomi.

Then there was real karaoke at Do Re Mi (where we, of course, did “Don’t Stop Believin'”) followed by Karaoke Revolution at Sharon’s/Charles’ apartment.

More photos are here.
Many, many thanks to Sharon and Charles for organizing things.

I also made a few tasty things yesterday. I experimented with peanut butter and jelly brownies. They didn’t end up half bad, although the jelly kind of crystalized and got rather strange to eat. I also made mac and cheese with veggies… pretty basic and easy, but tasty. I also bought like a pound of deli turkey to snack on, and it’s already over half gone. Mmm meat.

Today will be awesome tasty Mexican food for lunch.

I’m feeling much better. :)

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