Awesome and Crappy

Today’s bit of awesome comes to you courtesy of AIM’s OSCAR protocol spec, and courtesy of Ian.

The spec defines a message type SNAC for sending protocol messages.
And what do they call the different kinds of SNACs? Why, foodgroups, of course.

Also, the error codes:

TOO_EVIL_SENDER  	17	Sender is too evil
TOO_EVIL_RECEIVER	18	Receiver is too evil

(where “evil” is the warning level of the user… remember when you used to have warning wars?)

Today’s little bit of crappyness comes to me courtesy of Bank of America.

I found some games on Amazon that I wanted to buy this morning around 8:45. Didn’t bring my wallet to work today, but that wasn’t a problem because my BoA credit card has the ShopSafe feature, where I can generate temporary credit card numbers for online use.
I log in to the site, however, and find that my credit card details are “temporarily unavailable.” Naturally, there is no other way to access ShopSafe other than through the details. So I wait.
Three and a half hours later, details are still unavailable, and the items have almost sold out. I finally get Greg to buy the items for me, paying about $10 more than I would have at 8:45. (For a final price of $28, $10 is very significant :P)
This is absolute crap. If you’re going to have downtime, you should send out notifications (which they never do) or at least have your downtime during times when people aren’t going to be trying to access credit card details (like 2 AM or something). This isn’t the first time either… I find that once or twice a week, my credit card details are unavailable (usually at similarly inconvenient times like early evening).
I hate BoA so much. Why do I use them?

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  1. Whoa, AOL actually released documentation on OSCAR? When did that happen?

    (The last time I looked – admittedly like 7-8 years ago – it was all closed, except for the relatively inferior TOC protocol.)

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