Weekend Fun

It’s definetly been an interesting weekend.

Friday night was the R1 release, which meant lots of tasty free Indian food at work. Afterward, Charles and I took a trip to Safeway to get various things.
After getting home, I discovered that Em had a Gamecube. I borrowed it and hooked it up to her projector (also borrowed) and played Evolution Worlds. No sound (sad) but still amazing and nostalgic. Finished up the first two ruins.

Saturday, I went and got my flu shot and spent most of the rest of the day playing more Evolution Worlds. Managed to get through the final boss of the first game (Evolution Worlds is a combination of the two Evolution games for Dreamcast) and started in the second town.
That evening was a party at Sharon’s/Charles’/Matt’s. Besides tasty food, there was lots of booze. We all had drinks and sang Karaoke and generally had an awesome time. I got to sing songs like “Hot ‘n Cold” and “Girlfriend” and it was rather amusing. (Piccars coming to photos 2 eventually.)

Today was going slowly until I get a call from Forrest. Apparently, we had managed to regress a ton of things in the latest release and generally needed to do lots of fixing.
One of the issues was totally my fault… I had made a bad assumption that users wouldn’t have more than a couple hundred rows in this table, and we had a few users with 400,000+ rows. Spent the afternoon and early evening making the “right” fix for that while the “quick” fix was done by Jong.
Checked back on the status of things around 10:30 PM and found that the other issue we encountered hadn’t actually been caused by what we suspected, and therefore hadn’t been fixed by the release. After some digging around with Esther, Harsimran, and Willy, we realized we had removed support for a feature in the release that was apparently still in use. Oops.
That’s why I’m in the office at 5 AM, having spent the past few hours making the fix and writing tests. It’s awesome… it’s like college again.

Now I should go get some leftover Indian food because I haven’t eaten since 11 AM yesterday morning and that is probably bad. Maybe there will be 5 AM Super Smash Brothers too…