Random thoughts

Random thoughts of the moment:

  • Relationships seem to last longer the older you are. In middle school, I remember people changing boyfriends/girlfriends every few weeks or months. Now it seems every other Facebook status update is, “Yay one year!” or similar.
  • Last night’s PSO game is what PSO should be. Despite being an open game, the 3 people I played with were awesome. They shared items openly, were good at their respective jobs, were extremely supportive (resta, anti, moons), and just generally fun to adventure with. None of this “Mage, buff me.” (just because it’s my job doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it) or rare hogging stuff.
  • Relatedly, my newm can survive Falz in ultimate now. Well, except for his rabarta wave of doom. Boo rabarta wave.
  • Facebook is getting creepier. There are now apps that aren’t served from the site itself but external locations (through Facebook Connect?). As such, they still have scary amounts of access to your private data, but there is no apparent way to block them (as you can only block Facebook apps, not external ones). Also, I found a bit of my private, visible to “No One” data in an ad this morning. WTF, Facebook.
  • Seafood is tasty. Last night’s dinner was really tasty. I want scallops.
  • I seem to have fallen out of touch with all of my friends from middle school (sometimes purposely, on their end… seriously, wtf is your problem?). This makes me sadder than it should, sometimes. This is primarily on my mind because I had a dream about this last night, and woke up rather upset.
  • My ribcage hurts. I think I’ve been sleeping on it wrong. Bleh.
  • If you send me a “kind of urgent, please respond ASAP so we can set this up” email and I respond, not responding back for days is kind of rude.


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