My dreams have been awesome lately, leading me through tons of different emotions every night. I find myself often waking up in a panic, or completely content, or really upset.
I keep intending to document some of these dreams.
Unfortunately, the instant I wake up, I forget almost all of the content. Sigh. So it goes.

Tried PSO’s challenge mode yesterday and ended up failing 1C1 twice (AKA the easiest challenge in the game). Fail.

My hard drive has less than 10 GB of free space. I need to buy a 1 TB drive soon, but I’m trying to delay until Thanksgiving sales.

My laptop is being even less cooperative, freezing when I try to launch windows explorer. I should perhaps do something about this, but meh.

Work is good.

Life goes.

4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Whoa, I often have really emotional dreams too, that involve getting attacked or having someone die or being unable to escape a situation, etc. Lots of times I wake up all sweaty and taking several moments to actually have to reassure myself that it didn’t really happen and that it was only a dream.

    I wonder what the common denominator is between us :-P

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