More computer fail

The PC version of Grandia 2 I bought a couple weeks ago arrived. (It actually arrived last week, but the front desk didn’t send a package received notification like they usually do…)
Tried to install and play it and proceeded to get blue screens of death and/or various other crashes. From the internet, this seems like a very common issue with the game if you’re not running Windows 98 or ME (ewwww). Various fixes were suggested, but I don’t want to try them until I (somehow… probably when I get a new computer) have a VM up so I can mess with it all I want.

So yeah, the attempt at getting Grandia 2 screenshots for RPG Get! kind of failed. (At least I only paid $4 for the game.)
I think other game expansions will have to wait until I (somehow… when my parents next visit or when I go to visit them) get my Dreamcast and Gamecube here and have a usable video capture card again. Ugh. I guess it will be PSO TCG v3 for now. That’s not entirely bad, but kind of against the entire point of RPG Get! :P

I suppose, in general though, work on RPG Get! is going to slow down. I tried making more cards the other day and my computer was doing a weird thing where the desktop and taskbar (explorer.exe) seemed to crash, then the entire computer would reboot. I’m hoping it was some weird fluke, but I haven’t really had the desire to try it out again since them.

Computers are so frustrating. Why can’t they just work?
It seems like the more technology “improves”, the less reliable it is. I never used to have issues with programs not working and hardware misbehaving. Now it seems like everything I try to do just causes computer problems.
Just because I have the technical knowledge to work around or fix problems doesn’t mean I want to have to do so constantly. (And, as many people can attest to, having computer problems tends to cause me severe emotional issues… the last computer I had that completely died caused me to cry for something like an hour, and simple things like doing a clean OS install stress me out way too much.)
(I suppose this is part of the reason I find myself so reluctant to spend money on a new computer… I’m not convinced it will actually improve anything, and I’ll simply be out several hundred dollars.)

Also, annoyingly, it seems that LJ syndication is broken as it has not picked up yesterday’s entry yet.
Error Message: 500 Can’t locate object method “new” via package “HTML::HeadParser”
That makes no sense. Livejournal epic fail.

Also also, had a bit of an annoying experience on PSO today that basically made me stop playing for the rest of the evening. I was in a vhard game (level 65) playing with a level 85 Racast and we were doing fine. A high level Fonewearl (level 140) joins the game, complete with a Simple merge and Summit Moon (meaning she deals something like 1500 damage to enemies with her simple techniques) and proceeds to mow down entire rooms of enemies before the Racast or I can get a hit in (and therefore get experience from the kill).
As if that wasn’t bad enough, she gains a level and proceeds to quit a couple rooms before the boss fight (where her tech strengths would have actually been helpful) without so much as a “Thank you” for having her in our game.
Seriously, if you’re going to enter a game that you are overpowered for, you are there to *help* the players in that game, not steal all the experience for yourself. Whenever I join such a game, I limit myself to buff and debuff spells (that don’t deal damage), and only kill enemies when told it is okay to do so (and, even then, only after the other players have tagged them).
I should really stop playing in open games. Most gamers are just so rude.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me unhappy, the world just feels extremely wrong right now. Hopefully this will remedy itself on Monday when there is communication again, but for now I just feel like there’s a huge part of my life that’s missing. Blah.

3 thoughts on “More computer fail

  1. “Computers are so frustrating. Why can’t they just work?”

    Because they are very inconsistent systems. Between the system specs, operating system, system preferences, plugins, startup items, vendor incompatibilities, all changing constantly, I’m amazed any of it ever works.

    This is where game consoles excel. And it’s also probably an advantage to Apple’s annoying policy of discontinuing support for legacy systems: Application developers only need to focus on targeting recent versions of the OS, which are pretty consistent now. The really old programs don’t work, but they COMPLETELY don’t work, instead of half-working and half-stressing you out. :P

  2. For me, running Fedora Core since it first came out until 2006 was enough to make me insane. Between the kernel upgrades that refused to boot and seeing random programs stop working in weird ways with each security update, running a Fedora Core system was a significant chore. It was highly educational, but it eventually stopped being fun when I had to get work done in grad school. Fortunately, SuSE 9 worked very well on my laptop at the time, including the wireless card, and upgrades within a major release have been seamless for me, including the kernel upgrades. Well, I do have to admit that I need to run after each kernel upgrade, but I haven’t had it fail outside of a major openSUSE version upgrade.

    Mac OS X is also nice by just working overall, though I would be lying if I said that I have not run into any bugs. It’s still a dream compared to a typical Windows PC. Compared to openSUSE, which I highly regard, Mac OS X is even easier and more seamless. I still prefer the high customizability of openSUSE, so I use openSUSE on my server, laptop, and office systems, though I use my Mac for iTunes, iPhoto, and other home related tasks in addition to iPhone development.

    I don’t play video games, so the attributes that I value in a computer and operating system combination might not equal what you are looking for. I wish you the best in finding your computer and OS combination Nirvana :-).

  3. Hee hee… with respect to spending, you are turning into me :-P I think I feel the exact same way as you about a small price tag compared to a large one, even if the small one isn’t quite what I want.

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