There was an awesome weekend. Other people have already summarized much of it, so I won’t do so here. Instead, I will post this, courtesy of Tim:

But mainly, I wanted to say that SF transportation is epic failing. Fares have gone up and BART workers are possibly going to strike starting this Thursday.
Tip for all of you trying to get to/from the airport… the SamTrans 292 costs $3.50 from SF to SFO, and $1.75 from SFO to SF. Better that than the $8.10 on BART (WTF $4 airport surcharge?!). You can also take it to San Mateo in lieu of the Caltrain (for $0.50 less on the Southbound trip, $2.25 less Northbound) if you don’t mind taking an additional 30 minutes to an hour.

Photos from Thailand, Europe, and this past weekend will be posted to photos2 at some point. I am just being lazy about going through them.

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