Greetings from Thailand?

So I’ve been here for a few days now, and I’m not actually sure what I can write about, since not much has really happened.

Yesterday we had food at a Thai buffet. The food was rather bland, but at least they had a large selection (including a few things I had never eaten before). Nom nom.

I bought the first season of Torchwood and the Planet Earth series here, as they are cheaper (and region free). Unfortunately, the other 4 movies I bought that were marked as all regions are actually region 3, so I will likely want to buy an external DVD drive at some point so I can watch them without changing the settings on my laptops’ drives.

Turns out that I was right, and the shutter on my D50 is shot and needs replacing. This will run upwards of 5000 baht ($150), so I’m basically going to be getting rid of it once I return to the US and buying a D90. It’s not worth the repair cost.

I still find it silly how full-service everything is. Buying something at a department store involves one person to hold the merchandise, one person to scan it, one person to bag it, and one person to take your money and give change. Restaurants aren’t much better… one person to refill water, one person to remove plates, one person to take your order, and one person to bring you food (often on a per-table basis), not to mention the people who bring you to your table, park your car, whatever. I guess labor is so cheap here that you can afford to basically hire a 1:1 ratio of staff to customers, but it feels kind of wasteful.

Besides that, we’ve been driving around getting some legal issues resolved and eating lots and lots of food. Mmm food. Mmm tasty Thai fruit.

One thought on “Greetings from Thailand?

  1. Boo for shot cameras. I’m sure you can replace that thing with a disposable one, riiiiiiight? ;-)
    Just remember that they can be fashioned into makeshift tasers, to boot. I’d like to see your Nikon do THAT!

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