Greetings from Hong Kong

I’m sitting in the Hong Kong airport right now waiting for the flight to Thailand. I have no idea what time it is… my internal clock is so screwed up right now. The flight last night left SFO 1:40 AM or so, and they pretty much immediately served dinner (as it was dinnertime in Hong Kong). After eating, I wasn’t particularly tired anymore, so I watched a movie (the Benjamin Button one, which was kind of weird but decent), eventually falling asleep. Woke up at some other hour (not sure when, exactly) and watched Milk and played games and had breakfast, and then we landed. I think the time here is around 7 AM, but my body is generally very confused since it thinks its around 4 PM but I just woke up (and the sun just came up).

The flight was uneventful. The food was decent… dinner was a beef and tomato stew with veggie mashed potatoes, smoked salmon, potato salad, and pear cheesecake. Breakfast was a croissant with egg and canadian bacon, yogurt, and fruit. There was also plenty of ramen and peanuts. I hope they serve a second breakfast on the Thailand leg. Food is tasty.

I brought along my mostly-broken camera with my mostly-broken lens, which is resulting in rather interesting photos as I can’t shoot at high shutter speeds, nor focus at faraway things (and certainly not at infinity). The goal is to get them repaired in Thailand (assuming repairs are significantly cheaper there), use it for photos, and give it to my parents so I can buy my new D90 in the US once I return.


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