Life and reflection

Life has another update. It’s now complete up through May 2008, so we’re less than a year from present day. Kinda scary. At some point I need to start tagging high school photos so I can work backward in life.

The events in the photos are becoming more and more familiar as I browse through them, picking out the one to choose for a particular day. It’s making me miss the college experience, especially after going through graduation photos again and realizing that it was likely the last time that all of my closest college friends were (or will be) be together in the same place, since not everyone returns for Carnival.
In some ways, that’s what college is really about… the classes are good, sure… but it’s really about the people you meet and the relationships you form. The majority of people I spend time with now are people I knew (no matter how casually) from college. I miss that sense of constantly being around people and being able to easily meet new people. I miss being able to walk up a couple flights of stairs and have spontaneous games, or being able to quickly assemble a group for food on an hour’s notice.

Work has seemed largely stagnant lately. I’ve been working almost entirely on bug fixes and test automation, and I’m getting rather bored of it. Unfortunately, I also seem to be in a sort of mental rut where I haven’t been able to come up with interesting projects or initiatives for myself to take on to change this.
This will hopefully pass but, in the meantime, I can’t help but feel like I don’t accomplish anything of value in the time at my desk.
The last time I coded for fun was the framework for I haven’t touched the rewrite of the main code for a year, and haven’t worked on CMU Adventures in about that time. This really should change, but I just haven’t been having any bouts of inspiration.
It’s not even that I dislike my job (I love my job, and love my coworkers, and enjoy going in every day), just more that I feel uninterested in my current tasks, and don’t have any particular ideas on how to change that or on what I could be doing instead.

I’m glad there’s at least one thing in my life that is going (mostly) the way I want it to. As we close in on 25 months this Saturday, I hope I never lose sight of the things that truly matter in life.

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  1. Yay high school! Time to remember what everybody looked like with much more acne and (for some) worse judgment!

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