Carnival Photos, Gay Marriage, and Games

It took me a week, but I finally got all my Carnival photos tagged and sorted (ugh the KGB meeting and Defector’s party were huge pains to tag), so they are now posted to photos2 for your viewing pleasure (all 8 galleries of photos). I’ve also posted a couple of new portrait galleries to portraits.

There’s apparently been a new ad “Gathering Storm” going around lately (and a Colbert parody that is awesome). What I find hilarious is that most of the arguments used in the ad were debunked before the ad even came out, back when prop 8 was the big thing.

Bleh. Religious right fail.

I spent most of today playing board games at Jeremy’s. We played Brass, which is a lot of fun and seems amazingly well designed. Then was a game of Agricola while Christine multitasked and played Power Grid on the Europe map at the same time (which features such interesting features as a city that gives discounts on trash and regions that disallow nuclear plants). Yay for deep, strategic games. <3 Agricola so much. Christine, of course, dominated both games (Agricola with an astonishing 60 points, Brass with a more reasonable 145 or so) and also won her game of Power Grid.

Life will likely get an update tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Carnival Photos, Gay Marriage, and Games

  1. The pictures look awesome, but they don’t appear correctly on the RSS feed; they just display as “this image is part of alanv dot org please do not steal”

  2. As you know, I love Power Grid and Agricola. I haven’t gotten to play Brass yet, but I’m looking forward to it. If you know someone with the China map for Power Grid, I strongly recommend it.

    My high score in Agricola is 57, and that’s 2-player with Through the Seasons. 60 is astounding, especially assuming more players and no expansion.

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