I ordered these headphones today.
Yay headphones. Let’s hope they’re worth the price.

Went to see Watchmen with the Sites team today. I don’t think I really liked it… the ending was really good (and unexpected) and they developed the characters well, but the beginning of the movie stretched on too long for my tastes. Also, the movie had a lot of graphic violence that, in my opinion, was unnecessary. I dunno. I don’t recommend seeing it in theaters because movies there are way too overpriced, but you should see it on video if you don’t mind a lot of blood and gore (like cleavers to the head, exploding people, chopping off of arms, etc).

Justin and Harry were over for games tonight, which was fun. I was close to winning the game of Settlers, but Harry took away longest road the turn before I could win. Oh well.

Yay life.

4 thoughts on “Headphones!

  1. My understanding is that it followed the graphic novel very closely, and part of what set it apart from other comics at the time was the dismal, grungy portrayal of the world they lived in. I thought it was pretty well done.

    I must say that the love scenes were hilarious, not sure if that was intentional or not.

  2. @Dan: the general level of brutality is very accurate to the comic, but I’d say the movie has more straight-up gore. If you are more offended by blood spraying everywhere than just by the concept of people being brutally murdered, this is a lose (I thought it detracted somewhat).

    @alanv: Also, F**!*!!*K the ending. But I get the impression you never read the comic?

  3. Yeah, in general I don’t mind blood and gore (300, for example, was amazing). However, the violence in this movie, while plot-relevant and not necessarily gratuitous, just seemed over the top. Sometimes implying stuff (or, as with Sin City, showing it in a stylized manner) works better than showing it graphically.

    But no, I’ve never read the comic :) I like the ending in the context of the movie.

  4. @alanv: The ending is good but it is a not-so-subtle variation on the comic ending, which I thought was like infinity times better. I would probably not mind it without the additional context, but I found it a let-down by comparison. Oh well.

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