Photo meme, take two

This was a lot of fun last time, and got me interested in doing a bunch of Photoshopping, so I feel like doing it again:

The first X people (where X >= 3) to respond to this will receive a photograph (likely played with in Photoshop in some manner), dedicated to them. It could be of anything, but it will be something that reminds me of you, that is symbolic or meaningful in some way. It will be a new photograph, taken specifically for this meme (rather than an old photograph that I just play around with).

The catch is, you have to post something similar to your journal, tailored of course to fit your particular area of ‘expertise’: poetry, prose, art, whatever floats your boat.

You do have to repost this in your journal before I’ll do this for you :)
Also, if you are Greg, Zeke, or Zach, you can request another, but you’ll be last in the queue after anyone else who wants one.

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