Best. Party. Ever.

OMG, best Christmas party EVER.

Salesforce’s holiday party this year was held here.
That basically means that we have free reign of the entire center plus the planetarium and 3D theatre and, interspersed around the exhibits were tons of fancy food and booze stations… and outside in the garden there was a huge buffet table of gourmet desserts and a dance floor.


No photos because I didn’t take my camera (I’m so glad I didn’t though), but I am so full and so amazingly happy and I love my company so much. :D

2 thoughts on “Best. Party. Ever.

  1. Ooooo, that sounds fun. I admit, I’m slightly jealous of the folks who get to have fancy company Christmas parties…. even if I AM kind of glad that I don’t work in a big company setting. :)

  2. Google Pittsburgh’s was at the Carnegie Science Center. We apparently had full reign of the place plus Omnimax, but I was elsewhere so I wouldn’t know.

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