Internet fail

Got a pop up notification that my laptop needed to install some required SFDC updates. Fine, whatever. Did so, then it asked me to reboot when convenient, so I figured that would be fine.
Windows boots back up, and suddenly the UI is screwed up and, more importantly, I can’t connect to the internet anymore (it doesn’t get past the “Acquring Network Address” part).
So I bring the laptop to work (it’s raining right now too, argh) to file a helpdesk ticket and leave it here for tomorrow. Boot it up to reproduce the symptoms so I can write a better ticket and, lo and behold, it suddenly works. UI is fixed and network acquiring is happy. WTF.

So yeah, if it’s something about my home network, then I won’t be online for the rest of the day (and possibly Monday) until this gets fixed.

Edit: Fixed now, it seems. How incredibly odd.

One thought on “Internet fail

  1. You’d be surprised at how many problems magically disappeared upon an attempt to reproduce them in front of me during my 2 years on a help desk.
    I’m not even being sarcastic when I say that, I think there must be some kind of quantum phenomenon to explain it :-P

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