Yay Work

I love working here so much.
Today we identified a bug that started occuring after the release this past weekend (someone was passing us the literal string “null” where we weren’t expecting it).
Fix took about 5 seconds to make, and it’ll be going out on Wednesday (possibly tomorrow, depending on if they do an e-release or not). How’s that for turnaround?

Even better, as part of that fix, Forrest suggested making the error message more informative. Coded up a quick fix (it was simple, so no worries about impact), talked to our team’s doc writer on YIM to get input on the customer-facing aspects, and had it reviewed and checked in in under an hour. This will also go out on Wednesday. 2 days from identifying a problem to having the fix out for customers to use. Awesome.

I love my job so much. The nearly-real-time response from customers on many issues is awesome.

I also like this song a lot. The remix is better than the original, IMO… livelier and such.

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