Life updates

My apartment is empty for the first time in weeks. After David left, Em’s mom came for a visit followed the next day by Greg. Also, this weekend, Jim crashed on our couch when he came to visit SF.
I’m feeling remarkably lonely now.

My computer still isn’t working, so email is still the worst way to reach me. If it’s something important, please please send me an IM instead.

As far as entertainment, I’ve been doing a lot more sewing lately (the old-fashioned way, with a needle, thread, and a lot of patience). I bought some stuffing last week so I could finally stuff the cubes and stars. In addition to the cubes and stars I sewed while David was here, I also made a cloud, another couple stars, a couple rectangular prisms, and a couple triangular pyramids.

Greg with cloud and stars.

Greg with bigstar.

Jim with angrystar.

Cube, big prism, little prism, big pyramid, and little pyramid.

I guess you can’t see the mouths on the stars too well. All of the stars except the smallest one have mouths (the angrystar has a frowny mouth, the others have smiley mouths).

I need to sew cube a little sibling at some point. Geometric shapes are fun. Any suggestions for other shapes I should make (besides annoying things like dodecahedrons)?

2 thoughts on “Life updates

  1. Mm, yeah — I’d either try a sphere or continue increasing the number of edges per face to make a pentahedron, hexahedron, etc.

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