Travel Insanity

It’s been a rather exhausting summer, as you can probably tell by the huge number of new galleries that have gone up on my photos site.

In roughly chronological order, starting in mid-July, I flew to Hawaii for William and Sophia’s wedding (and a general nice vacation around it). It was a really nice, and relaxing, time.

After that it was a flight straight to San Francisco for a week of release planning. Now that I’m part of five separate teams, my days were basically solid meetings, but there was still time for drinking after work, and an archery team event. I also took advantage of the free weekend beforehand to make my first visit to Mountain View in quite a few years.

Then it was home for a few days before I was off to Chicago and Madison for my cousin Melissa’s wedding. It was really nice to see my extended family again… it’s been quite a while.

I’ve now been home for a week, which is my longest time at home since I left for Hawaii. But we’re not done yet! This Saturday I am off to San Francisco again (for another wedding, and work-related training). Then it’s another wedding in Boston and a birthday celebration in mid-September.

Oh yeah, and there was a cat birthday party this past weekend. It was nice.

So it goes. September also marks the end of another fourth-month period, as well as a likely time when I’ll break 450,000 photos. We’ll see when I find time to do the usual life stat updates.