Water and a Watery Fourth

I owe some sort of life update or something, probably.

We’ve been having a fairly fun time with the house recently. A few weeks ago we had a super heavy storm that happened to coincide with a planned dinner trip… so of course I got stuck halfway between home and Squirrel Hill when the rain and wind started, and got utterly soaked everywhere. Dinner itself was also generally mediocre, so I wasn’t in a great mood when I got home.

Not to be outdone, I went into the basement to sit for a bit, and was greeted by the sound of dripping water… it was water coming from under the walls in the (unfinished) furnace room, running into the drain. Okay, I guess that’s weird, but whatever. A short while later, there’s dripping from the other (finished) side of the basement, into the drains near the laundry. And lo and behold, there is water coming from there. And everywhere. And the entire space under the stairs and under the router is flooded. Yay our basement is flooded!

So we spent the rest of the night vacuuming up water (hooray for owning a shopvac?), and then had Stanley Steemer come out the next day to assess the damage. Ended up having them pull out and discard the carpet pad, and clean and dry the carpet itself. We still need to have someone come by to install a new carpet pad and re-stretch the carpet, also.

The Fourth of July was a pretty nice affair this year. We went to the pool, and then had some people over afterward to sit in the backyard… so of course it starts to storm again. Enough rain that parts of the basement got more water in them, again, although not nearly as badly as last time. And enough wind that we lose power, for nearly 8 hours. So we had pizza and wine by candlelight, indoors, and it was a surprisingly nice evening anyway. Still, I can’t help but feel like the power loss and more basement water was an appropriate way to celebrate the fourth this year, given the way the country has been going this past year.

Not much else has been happening in life, but with adventures like that, I’m not sure I’d want much else to.