New apartment

Lease has been signed. We now have a huge and awesome 2-bedroom apartment right in the middle of the financial district (and less than 15 minutes from my work, by foot).
I’m very happy.

Pics once we move after July 5.

Completely unrelatedly… What. The. Hell.
Some Muslims are insane.
It’s one thing to condemn a book, especially one that you haven’t read (a lot of people do, it’s true)… but quite another to call for the murder of the author and everyone connected to it… and worse still when you’re the leader of a country doing so.
Seriously, WTF.

I swear, religion in general pisses me off more and more every day. It seems like it’s doing so much more harm in the world than good.

Once again, completely unrelatedly… a completely out-of-context quote:

But deputy TSA administrator Gale Rossides said that morale is “very good” and that screeners “are very much turned on” and focused on security.

WTF are they screening? No wonder the TSA is fighting for the ability to “examine contents of laptop computers.”

2 thoughts on “New apartment

  1. Screeners are “very much turned on”? I hope that doesn’t have anythign to do with the new imaging technology..

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