It occurs to me as I write this that tomorrow is likely the last time all of us will be together.

A lot has happened in the past four years. It seems like just yesterday that I was a freshman moving into Mudge and being scared at the big, scary school and all the new people and needing to fit in. Tomorrow all of us are going to walk across the stage and get a piece of paper that says, “You paid us lots of money, congrats.” and then we’ll all go off and get jobs or go to grad school or be bums on the street and pretending we’re pregnant to get money.
Even though I technically left all this last semester, it still seems awfully final this time. Before there was always the possibility of me visiting and everything being just like it used to be… midnight walks home from halfprice with friends, randomly going to Tim’s room for games at random times, having people stop by at any old time for any reason, going to events, being in groups where the most random and socially-unacceptable things could spontaneously happen…
College is so much more than an education, and no matter how many times people said that to me before, it never really sank in until now. Yes, I learned a lot about computer science here, but now somehow that seems far less important than the relationships that I’ve forged here. And now those relationships are going to be strained by distance and life pulling us all different directions. It feels like I’m losing the most important thing that has come out of these past four years.

I’m not really sure what I’m saying, so I suppose I’ll just wish everyone a happy graduation (and hope that it doesn’t rain tomorrow during the main ceremony) and hope that we don’t all lose touch with each other.

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