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I once again find myself on my own (this time for 2.5 weeks), and Max and Yubin once again rescued me from isolation by inviting me along to dinner and a movie.

Dinner was once again at Mitchell’s Fish Market, where my mussels didn’t taste quite as fresh as last time, but where one came with a surprise tiny crab inside it instead of a mussel.

(Apologies for the terrible photo. I think Yubin has a better one?)

Then we went to see Ant Man. I thought it was a pretty good movie (and only $10 this time since it wasn’t IMAX 3D). I haven’t really seen any superhero movies in a long time (I think the last one was Batman Begins or something like that), so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I guess they tied in to the rest of the Marvel universe pretty well?
But the movie itself was enjoyable, if a bit predictable. I liked though that the movie was mostly plot instead of the explody fighty scenes that I it seems movies these days have a bit too much of. And even the big fight scenes were done very well, and amusingly, because of the small scale of things. They also did a lot of comedic parts very well. Overall, a reasonably good way to spend a few hours. :)

On the house front, things are pretty much done other than the loan. Our “inspection response” was accepted, and since the sellers are not in the country and aren’t able to do any corrective work, appropriate credit was given. The house is now empty and ready for us to fill it with things as soon as we close.

So that’ll be fun adventures in October. We need to get some rewiring and brickwork done before we move in, so if anyone has recommendations for either of those things, that would be most excellent.

Life otherwise has been fairly uneventful. Work has settled down, and although we’re rather behind on the feature front due to a recent influx of bugs and security issues, it’s not being crazy like it was a few months ago. Board games continue to happen, which is awesome. I’ve gotten a bit back into Kickstarter again, although I’m trying to be more selective about what things I back.

Yay life and things.

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