House :)

life has been updated, since it’s again the end of a 4-month period. Yay life.

House is happening, slowly. We’re in the contingency period through next Monday, and it’s been a whirlwind of phone calls and appointments and papers to sign. I’m really glad I had last week off of work, because even then, I didn’t have a chance to go and do non-house related things until Thursday afternoon. (I guess a day and a half off when you take a week off isn’t too bad, when the rest of the week is buying a house. :P)

Today was the home inspection with the awesome Russ Kowalik, who I would totally recommend to everyone looking at buying a house. It was basically a 5-hour careful tour of the house, examining everything that could be wrong or problematic (inside and out) and pointing out the things that could, should, and must be fixed so we have things to ask the sellers for. He was really good at pointing things out and talking to us and giving us information, and was also extremely thorough.

The good news is that there are no structural issues or other huge dealbreakers. The inspector commented a lot, actually, about the great shape the house was in. Of the issues, I think the biggest ones for us are the lack of grounded outlets on the second floor (which we’ll need to fix if I’m going to work from home and plug lots of computer equipment in), and the potential mold in the walls from when the roof had previously leaked (which, yeah, needs to be dealt with).
Amusingly, the things that would be the most expensive to fix (third-floor air conditioner is dying, and chimneys need repointing) are things that probably would affect our day-to-day lives less, even though they probably do need to be done soon as well. (You certainly don’t want chimney bricks falling on the roof shingles…)

So yeah. House! With luck, the sellers will be reasonable about things and give us some credit so we can get things fixed. Closing is in October. Then we shall have an awesome dwelling and we can start filling it with things.

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