Pet peeve: People who pull the “stop request” thing on the bus after a stop has already clearly been requested (indicated by two large overhead signs, one that is lit and the other that is an LCD sign that says “STOP REQUESTED”).
Better: People who continually pull the “stop request” thing on the bus after a stop has clearly been requested.
Genius: People who yell to the bus driver to stop the bus because, “I couldn’t get it to ring.” despite all the evidence that the stop has been requested.
Amusing: Watching said person become visibly agitated as the bus drives past a stop they wouldn’t normally stop at and watching them glare at the bus driver and, again, yell that they want a stop but “couldn’t get it to ring.”
End: Watching said person storm off the bus at the next stop, with a sarcastic, “Thank you very much.” to the bus driver.

All the bus stops here have the buses that stop at them clearly indicated on the stop, and we were moving slowly enough that it was easy to read these… so it’s not like not knowing the stops is an excuse.

Seriously, some people are stupid. Also, people who cross streets in clear violation of crossing lights causing traffic to be held up also piss me off. If there are no cars coming, fine, cross on red… but if there is a huge line of cars waiting to turn, you wait for your damn pedestrian crossing light.