The weekend summarized in snapshots.
(Lots of photos!)

After all that was halfprice tastiness at Fuel (they have awesome mixed drinks there!). Today was flight home. My plane arrived 50 minutes early into Las Vegas, turning a 2 hour layover into a 3 hour layover… but besides that, the trip was uneventful. Final tally of of airline abuse to the ceramics and glass I packed to bring back here: two of eight glasses broken and one of six small ceramic plates broken. Everything else survived, amazingly (including the giant Costco bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap as well as all the dinner plates, all the bowls, and all the silverware and knives). Huzzah.

Best weekend in a long time. Thanks again to teh Ben and Jon for picking me up at the airport.

I might eventually sort through the photos again and post some of the more portrait-like ones in portraits and/or a reselection of photos from the weekend in photos2. Would anyone be potentially intested in this? I think I’m just feeling photo deprived (besides the beach trip with brewer and dkb, this is the first serious use my camera has gotten since leaving CMU).

Tomorrow is work. Blah.

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