So, uh. I guess I got married or something.

Yesterday was the first day in months that I wasn’t stressing out of my mind over something, and the first day in many days when I could actually relax and didn’t feel like I was neglecting something important to do. So yeah, weddings are srs bsnss, and are remarkably a lot of effort to put together. Tons of respect to everyone else that has gone through the process — I didn’t think I expected quite so many logistical things to follow and manage and deal with. (Also super props to the Pittsburgh Athletic Association, and specifically, Mike, who made the evening flow in ways we never would have been able to do and who was so instrumental in the entire process of figuring out times and setups.)

But yeah. The wedding itself was pretty much perfect, from our standpoint. (I hear from some people a couple of things didn’t go quite perfectly, like people not being let into the reception hall until after cocktails, and them forgetting to set out forks for the cake.) It was definitely not a typical wedding, but I think for the two of us, it was exactly what we wanted, and went off without any issues.

I somehow made it through my vows without completely breaking down and crying, and didn’t miss too many of my cues in the ceremony. So that was good. (Our officiant Marguerite from My Happy Day was also so, so good, and props to her for creating such a beautiful ceremony for us.)
I’m actually really glad we have a video of the ceremony, because I don’t actually remember much of it. It went by so fast, and I wasn’t really able to concentrate on things at the time. :)

Our centerpieces turned out quite well! It took until Friday morning to finish them up, but I think they were quite successful.

Escort cards! We spent Thursday night (during a huge downpour that left us stuck in Cyert for a bit) redrawing all of the icons to have more consistent line thicknesses. I think they all came out quite well in the end.

Games table! (Well, one part of one of three tables that had games on them.) We printed too many notepads, but the cards seemed to be popular. :)

Our photographers were so amazing to work with. Lori and Fred from FineLine were amazingly personable and friendly and easy to work with. I’m sure their photos came out awesomely as well (but it will be a few weeks yet until we see any of those).

We expected getting dressed to take like 15 minutes (how long can it take to put on a dress shirt, pants, tie, and vest?). Turns out I’m short, and my tie is long, and we had to re-tie it 5 times before it finally ended up a reasonable length with the front longer than the back. Patrick’s knowledge of tie-tieing and formalwear in general was incredibly useful. (Also yayyy Patrick! :D)

Chris! The holding room they had us in was so beautiful.

Once dinner started, we had a bit of a chance to breathe. And all we could think (and say to each other was) that “We made a thing happen. All these people are here because of us, and for us. Wat.” It’s incredible how many people made it out for us.

I really liked our (photo) guestbook.

Wedding bowling! :D :D

More photos and stuff will show up at some point once I’ve had a chance to start sorting them, and put the apartment back together a bit since it is currently full of boxes of wedding things.