Wedding… imminent

As followup to the last post, it turns out we don’t actually have bedbugs. Greg has not gotten any new bites, I have not gotten any new bites, and the inspector that came found no sign of bedbugs. That’s good news.
The IRS helplines are so flooded right now I haven’t been able to get through, so meh. Whatever. It’s not like any more damage can be done now anyway.

But life has been super busy with wedding things, but it’s all small details at this point.
Still on our TODO list are the escort cards, the wedding ceremony programmes, and finishing the centerpieces.

Our tables are not going to be numbered, but rather identified by their centerpiece (for example, an ITG Arrow or a camera). We’ve made the paper mache for all 17 tables at this point (consisting of 20 separate paper mache pieces). Many of them are fully painted already, also. It’s been a rather fun experience.

These paper mache pieces are going to rest on top of boxes covered with photos of people at that table. I think it will be awesome… or hopefully it will at least not suck, given how much of our lives (and weekends) these things have consumed.

I’m getting married in 4 days! Ahhhh!

One thought on “Wedding… imminent

  1. Great job, you two. From my perspective the wedding looked flawless; well-planned and well-executed. Of course having organized events myself before, I know there’s bound to be something nagging that you wish you had done better. (“Oh, if only we had triple starred pokemon johto”) So… don’t worry! Everything was great!

    Oh, and, the crowd *loved* your performance on pokemon johto. They oohed and aahed and clapped at all the right times during the stepchart. It was almost as adorable as your choice to do ITG for the dancing in the first place.

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