Life, the universe, and thou

Life has been interesting lately.

The thread library was due Friday. Given that we had run largetest and successfully created and exitted and joined over 1.2 million threads, I think our library was fairly good. We did some comment and code cleanup on Friday and handed in on time.

Wean has entered the 410 zone.
What that means is that the kernel came out Friday… I’ve been studying the spec and going around writing pseudocode this weekend. I really feel like I should have gotten more done, but alas, such is a lazy weekend.

Next week is going to be death. Flight to California on Thursday, OS midterm on Tuesday, an in-Pittsburgh interview on Wednesday, and oh-god-lots-of-kernelling this weekend after I get back because checkpoint 1 is on Monday.

Car, Jeff, Tyler, Alan, and I experimented with chocolate bacon,

and chocolate-dipped salt-and-vinegar chips.

The former was interesting, the latter was vile.

There was more CS volleyball on Friday.
I think I’m getting better at anticipating action, because this set of photos came out better than previous times’.

In any case, I should sleep. Tomorrow is class, work (last day for a couple weeks), interview, kernelling, and studying for midterm. Ahhhh death!

2 thoughts on “Life, the universe, and thou

  1. Ok. Chocolate bacon sounds very odd and somewhat disturbing… but not altogether horribly awful. After all, you can get maple syrup on your bacon and have it still be delicious, and I personally like cinnamon-toast bacon sandwiches on occasion. But chocolate salt and vinegar chips?! OMG EWWWWWWWWWWWWW. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? THESE THINGS DO NOT GO TOGETHER! DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND?!?!?!

  2. Learning to anticipate action put my brain into a really weird gear that it had never been in before. Like if my brain were built to support precognition, but for some reason that sense just isn’t responding to calls.
    Then again, rapid exposure really helps.
    My action-predicting / future-seeing(?) success story:
    (OMG, a URL, time to see what Alan’s antispam does with it)

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