OS, Late night happenings, and thou

First, I want to link a journal entry by my friend:
I think it’s well written and deserves a read. Seriously, Christians are getting way too worked up about things nowadays (although, to be fair, so are a lot of liberals who want to completely ban all references to god/religion).

Last night there was an Evan-from-the-internet and halfpricing with some people. There were games of Eat Poop You Cat and mini-EPYC (where you are limited to two words or a tiny drawing). Afterward, we went to the 8th floor whiteboards in Wean and drew a (terrible) group picture:

(Click, it gets bigger)
Can you find all those things in it? ;)

OS goes. We are still making tweaks to our code. Found a race condition that wasn’t exposed by any of the tests… hopefully it’s fixed. We’re going to write better tests sometime this week and generally improve the performance/cleanliness of our code.

Tonight there was delicious Unos pizza followed by work followed by ITG. Also, Alan and I playtested Student Wars v2. It seems my adjustment to strengthen the Fine Arts faction may have gone too far and made it a bit too strong. Meh… I’ll do some more tweaking to it later.

It is 1 AM. I should sleep.

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  1. :-D Helping fill up that whiteboard was one of the best things of the week! Thanks for posting the picture — I showed it to my friend from Case, and she wanted to know how much sugar and caffeine we’d be consuming.

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