Toronto day 3

Today has been spent traveling the city by subway and streetcar, which has been awesome. I love the public transportation system here… you’re literally waiting 2 minutes or less for a subway or streetcar, no matter where you’re going.

America’s drinking age of 21 is dumb. Booze is good. I had a rum and cola with lunch today (and was tempted to order some triple sec with orange juice or something) at a pub, and went to a liquor store and bought some orange/pineapple wine to have with the leftover brie as a snack. I also have a bottle of hard raspberry lemonade in the fridge awaiting sometime when I’ve had fewer than 2.5 drinks in a half hour.
Drinking is good. Drinking in excess is not. I think this is something a lot of college students need to figure out. Meh.
In any case, I haven’t gotten carded once while here. I guess I look significantly older than 19.

Tonight (rather soon, actually), we’ll take the ferry to the island south of Toronto and hang around there a bit, hopefully getting photos of the sunset.
There will be plenty of piccars posted to photos 2 eventually.

One thought on “Toronto day 3

  1. The United States is pretty much the only country with a drinking age above 20. The U.S. is also pretty much the only country with cars being the primary means of transportation. Coinky-dink?

    So yeah, you can blame the Puritans. But you can also blame Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which published the reports that made the drinking age what it is today [forgot when that happened]. Essentially, their report said that since drivers under 18 cause the majority of accidents (and at the time caused more when intoxicated), teens shouldn’t be allowed to drink. A perfectly logical argument if your goal is to prevent teen death, accidents, and the like.

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