Toronto day 2

Today was spent walking around Toronto, visiting various places.
We walked a few miles to a park that was recommended by the local “things to do” paper only to be highly disappointed. The plants were mostly dried up and dying, there were weeds everywhere, and the fountain things that were recommended weren’t all that interesting. Then we walked around the Chinatown area and found a bunch of really cheap fruits and vegetables (tomatoes at $0.15 each… a thing of strawberries for $1…).
We also found something that lambert would love: a cheese store. That resulted in us deciding to have a dinner of (imported French) brie on crackers and fresh mozzarella with tomato with strawberries and green tea ($0.79/box)… all for about $4/person.

We’re heading to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) later tonight to browse their exhibits, and tomorrow will probably be spent travelling the city by streetcar and visiting the island via ferry.

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