Colorado day 1 (and Harry Potter)

Bought the last Harry Potter book today… had it read in about 4 hours.
I must say, I am quite impressed in the way she managed to tie together all the vague points from the first 6 books and make everything suddenly clear toward the end. I also like how we’re left in the dark as to everything until stuff happens (and oh god, the ending is amazing)… I think an omnipotent view (or more insight into other goings-on, especially Dumbledore’s plan) would have ruined things. Very well played.

So yeah, I won’t post any spoilers because people are probably still reading it, but I will say that one prediction I read in a certain someone’s LJ was dead-on… and I suppose I should have expected it, but really didn’t.

As for Colorado, it’s been mostly uneventful. I had a 2.5 hour layover in Chicago that sucked, but whatever. Wheeeee.
I guess I’ll post pictures eventually or something.

4 thoughts on “Colorado day 1 (and Harry Potter)

  1. I read the first chapter of the first book a long time ago (probably not long after it first came out), and I saw the first movie in Spanish, but now I kinda want to read the books just to find out what happens in the end.

  2. Wow. Fast read. I’m not big in the HP fandom, but I sure wanna know what happens. Heh.

  3. Wow — you read quickly! According to the size of the book as posted in Alisa’s journal, that’s about 18 seconds a page.

    When I have this page open in a not-in-focus Firefox tab, the tab says “Alan’s Journal >> Colorado da…” Every time I see it, I keep thinking it’s the beginning of a noun phrase in Italian or something :-P

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