Life updates

I really should write in this thing more often.

My recent big task at work (the big unit test thing) was finished on Monday. Following a little more cleanup, it was integrated into the main system on Tuesday, so yay. I’m now working on a bunch of smaller unit tests for the system fundamentals. It’s a lot, lot, lot more boring than the other one (which actually had me looking forward to work every day… as much as you can at 7 AM when you’re tired), but whatever. Work can’t be all fun all the time, can it?

Last night was “Homeless: The Musical!” presented at Dusquene University. It was amazing… it runs this weekend and next weekend, and I highly, highly recommend you go if you have the chance. Thanks to Mars for telling us about it in the first place!

Personal life has been full of happiness lately. It’s nice to feel cared for, and to have someone to care about.

I’m leaving for Colorado logical tomorrow (Saturday morning at 7 AM is when my plane takes off) and won’t be back until Monday evening. On the plus side, I get to see my parents (yay) and my grandpa, whom I haven’t seen since the end of high school (super yay). On the downside, I have to miss a day of work, but meh.
I suppose that’s a testiment to how much I’m enjoying my job (or maybe, to a lesser extent, not being a poor college student… at least until I have to pay rent again).

Life is amazing and full of awesome.

2 thoughts on “Life updates

  1. I failed Can’t Stop Falling in Love Speed Mix when it was my extra stage today I remember when I didn’t suck at this game :(

  2. Ha ha — no rubber chicken on your desk Wednesday morning, then? I’m glad the integration went all right!

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