I saw Michael Moore’s new movie, “Sicko,” today with Mars and Ian.
It was really good, actually, and made me kinda question the entire health care system in America. I mean, why are we the only Western nation without government health care? Why does our health care suck so much more than even Cuba’s?
The more stuff I discover about the government and the more pissed off I get with Bush, the more I want to move to Canada or something after I graduate.
Want to come with me?

Anyway, yeah, not much else going on.
You should see the movie. Definetly.

4 thoughts on “Sicko

  1. Our health care is worse than Cuba’s because they are communist, and for government health care socialism and communism actually do work better. The more real answer is that no one here wants to pay for anything, especially if it smacks of commie blah blah blah. I suppose a more cynical answer is that we cherish the ideals of a free market economy, which states that if you can’t pay for your own health care then you should die because you are a drain on society.

  2. There’s plenty of things Bush has screwed up, but in all fairness, health care was like that when he got here :-P

  3. Wait… Britain’s health care is better than ours?

    I hate to say it, but Moore is a total sensationalist. While what he has to say is true in some ways, he has a tendency to go completely overboard. If you use Britain’s national health care system and don’t have any kind of private insurance, you are subject to sub-par service and hospitals that are, quoting a friend that used their national service, “dirty”.

    The only viable first step to improving health care in the US for real would be to get the drug companies out of the pockets of Congress. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because Congresspeople from both parties are being funded heavily by pharmaceutical companies–for example, Senator Kerry actually took over $500,000 in “campaign contributions” from drug companies just before voting against allowing importation of cheaper foreign pharmaceuticals!

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