Wisdom teeth’d!

I got my wisdom teeth out this morning. It was very quick and painless.
The two bottom ones were basically growing perfectly horizontal in my mouth, and so the part that was poking out of the gum that I was “chewing” with was actually the side of the tooth. The top two weren’t much better (growing straight, at least, but still really badly impacting the rest of my teeth). So meh, I had to get all four of them out.

They took me back into a room and had me lay down on the chair. The nurse put a pressure cuff (what are those called?) around my left arm and a heart monitor on my finger. The anesthesiologist tied a band around my upper right arm and told me he was going to prick me. The last things I really remember were him saying that he was impressed that I didn’t even flinch, and then feeling my right arm go cold inside, as if there was ice flowing through it or something.
The next thing I knew, I was opening my eyes, sitting in a totally different barren room across from my dad, with a weird taste in my mouth and an ace banadage wrapped around my head (and wearing my jacket again… weird). I made a “Mrrr” sound and my dad called the nurse, who helped me walk to the car and home.
Then I basically slept for 6 hours, taking painkillers and vitamin C. For some reason, drinking cold things (water or carrot juice) makes the area hurt, so I have to wait for everything to warm up first. Also, there is gauze in my mouth that gets changed every hour or so… it’s almost stopped bleeding at this point, so that’s good at least. Gauze tastes so gross. Also, there is still an ace banadage around my head that makes it hard to scratch itches.
Swallowing pills (the painkillers, vitamin C, and antibiotics) is so much harder this way XD

The surgeon gave me my teeth to take home with me.

My mom says the surgeon says that two of them came out whole, but they had to split two of them to get them out… which is why there are so many tooth pieces in the bag.

Also, WTF, someone sent me a 20MB email. I am on dialup. This makes me very, very unhappy.

Grades came out today. I managed to pull off straight A’s again. I suppose I’m not surprised now, given that I was expecting A’s in both networks and webapps, but I’m still amazed I managed to get A’s in graph theory and portrait.

I haven’t seen anyone since I’ve been back. This makes me sad.
People should poke me to do stuff while I’m still here.

7 thoughts on “Wisdom teeth’d!

  1. EWW! Oh, god, why did you post a picture of that?! Fuck, man, you need to not do that.

  2. Ooh, cool. I’m glad to see (read?) that you’re doing all right :-) And thanks for posting a bit about what the procedure was like — I’m comparing it to what I remember about my own.

    They wouldn’t let me have my teeth back at the end because they were considered a biohazard :-P The surgeon had to cut them out of the bone below the gumline, except for one little corner of one tooth that had managed to peek above the surface. (Though yours look fairly bloodied too…)

    Yay for a 4.0! Nice work! :-D

  3. Alisa:
    Sorry, sorry :(
    I’ve now lj-cut’d it, but that won’t take effect until the next LJ feed refresh.

  4. Haha, I like the teeth picture. Anyway, glad to hear you’re doing well. Oh, and don’t pull out the stitches in back of your mouth. I did that (kind of absent-mindedly)… and… it caused some problems. I had to go back and they had to stick this other crap in the hole where my tooth used to be and it tasted awful. It had to sit back there in my mouth for at least a week or so. Bad experience. But I don’t remember having many problems eating, as I said earlier, so I assume the pain doesn’t last very long.

  5. Ewwww…..
    I need all four of my teeth taken out this summer, too.
    Er, all four of my wisdom teeth. I have more than four teeth altogether :-P
    But yeah. I’m not freaked out at all about the actual operation…. I’m just terrible with anesthesia.

  6. Ouch, I remember getting the wisdom teeth out. My experience was more or less like yours up until the waking up part. I had 4 impacted teeth, and yet for some reason didn’t ever need narcotics for the pain. Ibuprofen worked extremely well, bleeding stopped within an hour, and I BARELY had any bruising or swelling–people had to know to look for it in order to see it. All in all, although it wasn’t an experience I ever want to repeat, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. I hope you have been as lucky. :)

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