Yay life

Life has been full of nice things lately.

I went out with Allison to the Brew Gentlemen and took photos, one of which was used as the front-page photo for one of the sections of the paper. (They used one of the ones where the people were out of focus though, so meh.) But yay for my first Pillbox cover photo.

We got some nice new glass tupperware to replace our random collection of plastic stuff. I feel much better about putting food into these and sending Greg off with lunch in them.

We got a new Carcassonne expansion that came with “giant meeples”. However, the meeples weren’t easily distinguishable from the regular ones, so we added smiley faces to them. Yay happy meeples.

We went to Dave and Buster’s with Yubin and Max to play Pump It Up. It was a lot of fun and good exercise (especially given that the ITG machine has been out of commission for a while). I also got my first full-perfect combo in any dancing game. The accuracy ratings in PIU are much, much more forgiving than ITG or DDR.

I’ve also been cooking more, which is generally an indicator that I’m happier. I made a huge pot of curry over the weekend, and have been making things like burgers, quesadillas, pasta, and salmon throughout the week. Nice things there include a nice hunk of romano cheese to freshly grate over pasta and lots of fresh vegetables (in salad or steamed).

I’ve also been eating a lot this week, which is a good thing. Food is tasty.

Tomorrow is (supposedly) the usual board games with Yubin and Max. Board games are awesome and playing them with awesome people is even more awesome.

I’ve been feeling like rewriting CMU adventures lately and continuing to build it. I just need to get motivated to write code outside of work again.

Yay life. :D

2 thoughts on “Yay life

  1. Yay life :)

    I’m glad to hear things are going so well for you. And yay for cooking! We’ve been trying to eat a bit on the healthier side (though try might be something of an understatement…) but we’ve run into a few really good recipes as of late, including a awesome vegetarian mexican lasagna (and usually the word “vegetarian” sends me running for the hills)

    If you’re doing a lot more cooking, check out the “100 Days of Real Food” blog. She has a bunch of amazing recipes that use natural ingredients. Most of them are pretty easy and cheap to make too. She has a really awesome baked macaroni & cheese recipe. (I haven’t eaten yet, can you tell?)

    I hope things continue to go well, and continue to be happy. (Hit me up sometime soon by the way, via e-mail. I’d like to talk a lot more than we do now, if that interests you)

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