Temporary files in Firefox, taxes, photos, and life

So the internet has been quite worthless on the question “Where do files get saved when you open them instead of downloading them in Firefox?”. All of the results for things like “temporary files”, “download location”, or “opened file location” assume you’re referring to the browser cache. Sigh.
So it turns out, on Windows, when you click a link and it pops up a “Download or open” dialog, choosing to open will store the file in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Temp. (My coworker reports that, on Linux, it stores in /tmp, which makes sense.)
This seems like poor design on behalf of Firefox, because it seems like it should automatically save such files to your default download location (normally something like C:\Users\yourusername\Downloads) rather than an arbitrary location that isn’t even associated with Firefox. It means you probably have sensitive data (like I was opening PDFs containing pay stubs) saved somewhere that won’t be deleted, either with a Firefox cache clear or a manual check of your downloads folder. If it’s going to use \AppData, the least it could do is save in the Firefox folder in \AppData.
Combined with all of the latest fun with Firefox (daily freezes, constant slowness, insane memory usage, refusal to properly close when you hit X, and inability to remember the last download location [seriously, it will show me one of my last three chosen save directories, seemingly randomly, when I try to save something]), I think it might be time to move off of it. You were such a great browser, Firefox. What happened?

Speaking of pay stubs, I got a raise at the end of last month, and got my first pay stub afterward today. My before-tax pay went up by $237.50 this pay period, but my federal taxes withheld went up by $304.07, so I actually make less now than I did before the raise. I thought taxes were set up so that this situation couldn’t happen. How very odd.

Life has been full of photos and games lately. I photographed the TOC on campus on Tuesday and (as usual) took photos at Yubin’s game night last night.

Max and I played a game of Carcassone where we completely tied, and we were sharing a huge field with 4 workers each in it. (The field went back and forth many times, including blocked attempts to join a fifth farmer to the field by each of us.) It was pretty awesome. Here’s the game before scoring the last field.

Kempy was also in town for the TOC, and we got dinner on Monday.

Here’s a Ben from lunch yesterday.

In other news, I have finally started working further backward in life.alanv.org through high school, eventually hoping to reach the first photo I ever took (in September 2000). I’m currently back in October of 2003 (my last year of high school), and expect to be done with it by the end of next week. Yay actually completing projects, for once.

2 thoughts on “Temporary files in Firefox, taxes, photos, and life

  1. As far as the federal tax brackets are concerned that can’t happen.

    So for a pretend example. Lets say you made $10001 dollars and that the 25% to 25% tax bracket was at $10000. Then you would owe 25% of $10000 and 28% of $1 for a total of $2500.28

    The only chance that it is a federal tax biting you, is if you make enough in the right way that you triggered the AMT (Alternate Minimum Tax).

    Instead it is more likely that you were either under witholding before or are over withholding now and that the withholding system is dumb.

  2. Chris: That’s what I thought. How very strange. I didn’t submit any changes to my withholding, so unless they automatically adjusted it for some reason, it shouldn’t be withholding a higher percentage than it used to.


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