Meme: KoL and board games

There was a Pittsburgh marathon a while ago. I failed to post photos from that. Here’s a Chris and bblum.

Continuing meme topics, we have KoL and board games.

With most video games, I tend to go through phases of obsession followed by periods of general disinterest (and, if they have enough social pull, I go back to being obsessed). I went through this with PSO, and I go through this with KoL.
KoL, as a game, is awesome, but extremely repetitive (much like PSO, actually)… once you get reasonably good at the game, you just do the same few things over and over every 5 or 6 days. But a couple things make it worthwhile… first is that the devs are extremely involved in the game and therefore new updates (or world events) happen fairly frequently. These are usually extremely fun and interesting and break up the normal grind of the game. And there are also seasonal challenge paths which change the core of the game (either slightly or drastically, depending on the path). And those are always pretty awesome.
Second, it’s always fun to talk to people about the game. My periods of inactivity in KoL roughly correspond to times when I know people that play. For example, I played a lot in undergrad when most of the housing group played (at least casually). And I play a lot more now since I know a few people that play (and talk to them about new paths and items pretty regularly).
I suppose sometimes the world events bother me though, because I somehow feel obligated to participate or I’ll miss a one-time item. I was burned out of the game back when they released the Haunted Sorority House clan dungeon for Halloween, and somehow forced myself to finish the run I was in and get some dungeons completed. In retrospect, I’m glad I did, because there were a bunch of awesome things that can no longer be obtained, but that probably just reinforces the requirement that I play when I sometimes don’t want to. That’s the downside of having invested so much time (and real-life money in the form of donations) into a game, I suppose.
But in general, I think KoL is pretty awesome. It also limits the number of turns you have per day, which means I don’t have to obsess over it and spend as much time as possible playing.
I think I’m approaching a period of inactivity again in the game, since the new challenge path isn’t too appealing to me and I’m going to be out of the country for a month. But it was still fun.

Board games are one of those things I wasn’t really into before college. The group of friends I lived with liked board games, and they were fun, and I liked being social, so I kind of got into board games. (In high school, I was much more about video games, but those seem to hold little to no appeal to me now.)
I suppose they’re good because they involve a lot of social interaction and are (usually) short (so you can play a lot of different games in one sitting) and there are so many options so you’ll always find something that you like.
With the absence of Tim, I’ve been trying to build up a meager board game collection so I can have people over to play them. It’s unfortunate most of the good ones are so expensive.
I’m not sure that I really have a preferred type of game, or even a favorite one. If you count card games as board games, then I generally am a fan of TCGs (creating and collecting and playing). But as far as actual board games, I’ll play anything from quick pointless games (Pokemon dice game!) to long strategy games (Through the Ages) and enjoy pretty much everything inbetween.

One thought on “Meme: KoL and board games

  1. Great pictures!

    I remember when you were really into SOA and SA2:B :) I’ve actually been kind of craving to go back and play them and feel all nostalgic. I remember I got all the Emblems in SA2:B and everything. I bet there’s no way I could do that now haha.

    Ah, PSO. I still have like ten characters on a Mem card somewhere. I should pick it up with my badass Ranger again for the hell of it haha.

    When it comes to board games, I tend to like the social ones that can be really funny/fun (apples to apples, in a pickle, ect), as opposed to games like Monopoly which I find incredibly boring. (I once joined a bunch of my college friends when they wanted to play on a snow day and it lasted hours longer than it had any right to). I like some card games, but none of the traditional stuff. I like Zombie Flux, lol.

    Totally not the place for this, but I’m glad you updated. I’ve been feeling really nostalgic about you recently for whatever embarrassing reason. I’m glad to hear that you’re mostly doing well. :)

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