San Francisco

I am in San Francisco through Friday. Yay San Francisco.

Plane. Yay plane.

Southwest in Vegas has these nice ceiling-mounted boarding signs instead of the poles they have at other airports. I think these are nicer.

There’s a tech company ad on the BART based on insanity wolf. This is rather… bizarre.

Sunday dinner, as always, was all-you-can-eat pizza at Local. This time I went with Ian, Trisha, Ben, and Mark.

Afterward, we went to Jeremy’s for games.

Monday dinner was Stone with teisenbe and Kempy.

Dinner tonight was Xanh in Mountain View with jgrafton, Jack, Krieger, Ben, dfontain, Gopi, Raphael, and Erik.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco

  1. Is that Fealty in the games picture? I played a prerelease copy in August with my friend Luke, and that looks like it’s the same quality. Gamecrafter stuff with meh graphics. I thought they’d nicen it up for the real release.

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