The world is depressing right now, with all the crap happening in politics and economics such as people thinking fetuses in food is an important (or even relevant) issue, the entire mess with SOPA and PIPA, and CEOs making hundreds of millions of dollars when they leave their companies. Hell, even Leo Apotheker, who was *fired* from his position as HP CEO, made more in his severance package than I will make in my lifetime. And I’m one of the lucky ones who has an excellent job with a great salary.


In the list of things bringing glimmers of light to the world, there’s Dia Frampton’s new album (that was $3.99 earlier on Amazon today when I bought it, but apparently has gone up in price). In particular, the duet I Will is just really happy and uplifting and pleasant to listen to.
(Didn’t realize until after I bought the album that she was on the reality show The Voice. Her album was interesting primarily because it was #1 on Amazon’s albums list when I was browsing this morning.)

In other music things, there is also SafetySuit’s new album that I purchased a week or so ago. Never Stop is probably my favorite track from the album, probably because it’s a good representation of my personal life. :)

In yet more music things, there is this rather old album by (now defunct?) band Over It. Gunslinger is probably my favorite track, but the entire album is pleasant to have running in the background while you work.

Also noteworthy is The Glitch Mob, which Ben pointed me to. We Can Make The World Stop is amazing and I listened to it on loop for a day straight, and their other works are great too.

(I suppose it’s unfortunate that, by purchasing these albums, I’m supporting the backward and antiquated policies of the SOPA-supporting music industry, but hopefully at least some of it goes to the awesome artists creating the music.)

In pleasant non-music things, there’s good food. This last week included tasty dinner (and wine) at the Union Grill and nice lunch at Orient Kitchen with Ben. (It also included halfprice at Mad Mex, which was a place I was boycotting due to their exceeding rudeness a few years back, but it has not really improved, so it is not a pleasant thing.)
I think I’ve decided that really nice food is not something I need in my life. Good quality, plentiful quantity food is what makes me the happiest… not paying $30 for some super-rare or super-fancy dish. Cooking also makes me happy. I really should do that more often.

There’s also my job, which has stopped being (too) frustrating in the past few weeks. I’m starting to get back into the groove of things, and I’m not unhappy most of the time I’m working anymore. Which is awesome.

So yeah. I suppose the world as a whole is full of stupid and horrible, but my life as it stands is pretty nice at the moment.