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life has been updated… both life itself and the stats page. Actually, they were updated late last week, I just fail at posting.

Software engineering is such a weird field. It’s probably one of the only areas where you can make shittons of money with little to no startup cost (just some computers, which you probably have anyway). Most other fields involve selling (in some manner) physical objects, each of which costs real money to make, or selling services, which is a finite resource. Software just gets duplicated infinitely, perfectly.
Also, it’s much more acceptable to sell software that is buggy or incomplete than it would be to sell, say, a microwave that exploded whenever you turned it on. (“That’s just a hardware bug; we’ll fix it in microwave version 1.0a. Sorry, we’re not liable for your severed limbs. You agreed to our EULA and absolved us of any responsibility when you opened the box.”)

Also, it’s amusing that there are areas of software dedicated to dealing with vulnerabilities in other software. Antivirus is a bit like a company selling reinforced steel cases for your exploding microwave, to limit the damage when something goes wrong. Or maybe it isn’t. I don’t know.
(Yeah, I know, Software is hard™. But other things are too, and other things don’t tend to get a free pass when it comes to vulnerabilities or deficiencies.)

Pineapple jalapeƱo pizza is one of the best things ever. I may have to obtain one tomorrow for delicious consumption.

I want Belgian waffles. Eggo waffles are a poor substitute.

I really should work more on my card games. They are sad and neglected.

Kingdom of Loathing is fun. The new IotM is horribly overpowered. Fistcore’s combat skills are also horribly overpowered. (150+ damage for 0 MP, as often as you like? Day 1 sewer leveling just became trivial.) The combination means lots of new daycount records are being set. In a challenge path. Something is not right there. But it’s still fun. I had my first 5-day run the other day, which is my fastest run yet, and it was 100% Baby Sandworm.
I really wish I had purchased a Suspicious Stocking when they were the IotM. They seem just generally fun to use (never mind their optimality, as I am far from optimal).

4 years, 5 months, and 4 days. Making this post on Thursday would have been more fun. Oh well.

Tartan people are awesome. Moar Tartan games on weekends! Moar!

I am getting really bad at ITG, both stamina-wise, accuracy-wise, and difficulty-wise. That’s actually three things. But I’m not sure I care enough to get back into 11s.

Poopity poopity poop.

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