Growing Up

It’s late and I’m musing about things.

It’s kind of fun, yet incredibly sad, how a lot of the people I knew and were close to have drifted off to different parts of the country and are now off doing their own thing. Even the people geographically close seem far more distant than I would have expected.
It means that we’re all off being successful in our own ways, but it also means I don’t get to talk to them as often. Many of them have also stopped using instant messenger (or are never at their computers when signed in) or LJ, which just leads to a deeper sense of… apartness, I guess. It’s weird relying on email and texts to keep in contact.

It’s also kind of scary how many members of my core friend group from middle school have gotten married or are engaged. And more surprising in many ways is how I hadn’t heard about many of them until browsing Facebook today. I guess it just goes to show how I’ve pretty much abandoned that group (or, I suppose, the group has abandoned me… or we’ve mutually abandoned each other). But meh. There’s a lot of things there that are crap, and I’m not one to easily (or, really, ever) forgive and forget.

Growing up, it always seemed that part of being grown up was having your primary “social group” be your family, with a couple friends you saw once every few months.
A lot of me (but not alot of me) is ready to go off and be that adult, but most of me isn’t, and is terrified by the thought. But, more and more, that’s how things seem to be turning out for me. I’m not really trying to isolate myself, it just seems that everyone is always busy and our schedules never seem to line up, and more casual groups (like KGB or the cluster) don’t have the same appeal they used to.

Also, on an unrelated topic, I’m not quite sure why this exists. But it’s kind of awesome, in a terrifying sort of way.
But this is lots of awesome. Good for her for poking fun at herself and doing so for a good cause. :)

Also also, on another completely unrelated topic, some of you may remember the Supernatural card game I had been working on. I decided to abandon that game (given that RPG Get! was the same game rules), and recently started on what will eventually be a new card game system featuring Supernatural. I’m calling it Investigations for now, and it’s a card game system (similar to RPG Get!) that can combine multiple universes into the same game. We’ll see how this goes.

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  1. Hmm. You know, I’m on AIM/gtalk/other things, but somehow, I’ve lost the habit of asking people for those since Facebook came along. :\ That, and I don’t chat with people that often anymore. There seems to be more twitter/facebook messaging/stuff.

    Wanna trade IM screennames?

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