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I seem to have gotten into the habit of posting at the beginning of months. Well, here’s continuing that trend.

Today Keith, Greg, and I walked from Bloomfield to Keith’s house in Ross Township for a total trip of about 19.4 miles. Hopefully the fact that things weren’t too bad (except for my shoes and socks interacting to make my toes blister) means I’ll be fine for the annual West Virginia walk this summer (almost 40 miles).

We had lunch at Joe’s Rusty Nail, and it was excellent. My $12 crab cake dinner had three huge (and meaty) crab cakes, a good-sized helping of pasta, and a generous side salad, and came with free bread and butter. Recommended if you’re in the area.

Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s a dump of photos from the hike.

It’s thinking Keith!

In non-walking news, I have finally ascended again in KoL after a hiatus of 4 years (most of it away from the game completely). The recent Valhalla revamp, prospect of doing a 100% run with this month’s new familiar (volleyball + fairy + item drops for a new area!), and the Bees Hate You path finally pushed me over the edge
And I’m glad, because the game is so much more interesting when you’re doing quests than when you’re stuck in aftercore trying to find ways to spend your 200+ adventures every day.
My first run in 4 years is a Turtle Tamer Hardcore “Bees Hate You” run with no clovers (setting up for a BM Kitty run) and 100% Li’l Xenomorph. Should prove to be interesting. Let’s see how long it takes me.

I can already say that my best investment thus far is the VIP Key, because full HP recovery (already have Tongue of the Walrus permed) from the hot tub, +muscle stats from the shower, MP regen from the pool table, and screambats from the fax machine have made the first two days so much better than they could have been. The Pen Pal kit has, thus far, been mostly useless (Box of Pokemann Band-Aids is useless in Beecore and the shield was only useful until I got a cola shield). My snowcones and candy hearts haven’t helped too much either (ran orange for extra stats and purple for some MP on day one, but would have been fine without them).

The Xenomorph has also been excellent. Got its equipment today, and the fairy aspect is proving very useful. The space area also provides good quality food and booze, which I otherwise have trouble acquiring (beers from Tavern are useless in Beecore, and I don’t have cocktail crafting permed due to my love of teet runs). The +stat buffs from the maps are also useful. I think tomorrow will finally get me up to reagent pasta (got some hellion cubes and knob mushrooms today), which will combine nicely with the pumpkin pie and fortune cookie.

So current status there is level 6 at the end of day 2, having completed through the level 5 quest with a reasonable stock of food. I think that’s the best I’ve done in *any* run (all of which were pre-NS13) but, more than that, the game has gotten much less annoying to play due to things like the VIP room and pumpkins. I suppose part of that is also the 100% run preventing me from having to mess with familiars (no He-Boulder anyway, so already have that working against me). Perhaps future runs will also be 100% runs.

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  1. I love that picture with the footwear on the stairs and the one of the outline of a house on the side of another building. Very emotive.

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