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Thanks to my new card game website, I’ve been getting more interested in working on games.

I spent some of today looking back over cards from Student Wars, and it’s actually really fun going back and seeing all the people I knew and all the things I did. The game itself is amusing too… I came across things like rlambert’s “Math Math Math” attack: “Look at the top 3 cards of your deck. If all are characters with ‘Math’, deal 150 damage. Otherwise, deal 20 damage.”

Spent the rest of my time at home today continuing work on RPG Get and tweaking the card templates and rules for People Wars, with feedback from Ian.

The main difference is that the traits have been moved to the right-hand side of the card, instead of being along the bottom. This was primarily motivated by my desire to stop tying trait groups together (see the People Wars page, if you’re actually interested). The HP and retreat elements have also been tweaked so the card isn’t just all colored boxes. I think it looks quite nice.

One thing that seemed to make sense with RPG Get! is to have some fixed “starter” cards… for example, starting a game with a Fomar as your main character should automatically give you Foie Lv. 1, whereas starting with a Hucast should give you a Saber. It also seemed to make sense to limit starting characters to level 1. Therefore, there’s a new “Starter” bar in the upper right of the card with this information (starting number of reward counters, as well as a list of starting cards).
I’m not sure how I feel about its current position and size (although I think it makes sense to keep it small, since it’s only used for deck construction and in the setup step, before the game starts). I considered making it part of the rules (listing all the characters that could be starting characters, along with what they start with), but it seems to make much more sense as part of the actual card.
Thoughts from any design-minded folk would be useful.

Yay card games.

2 thoughts on “Moar Card Games

  1. At least on my screen, the words on the bottom and on the upper-left of the notebook paper on the People Wars card are very faint – I imagine that might be even worse when printing. The flavor text isn’t that important to be mega-noticeable, but I feel like “Technology/ECE Major” is.

  2. No, they’re faint on purpose. Technology / ECE Major is just flavor text, like the quote. (It’s mostly a way for me to identify cards for deckbuilding, like being able to refer to “Greg H. / Photographer” vs “Greg H. / Language Technologist”

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