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I like working on card games. A lot. I thought it would be interesting to add a site with a history of all the card games I’ve worked on.

The result is, which has information, rules, sample cards, and even full game downloads for the various card games I’ve created over the years.

It’s interesting to see how my cards have grown gradually more complex over the years.

My first really developed card game, the Starcraft card game, had rather unreadable (and low-res) cards. The game was also rather unplayable.

The Website Card Game had low-res cards that were at least somewhat legible, but it’s rather obvious I had no idea I what I was doing in Photoshop.

The cards from The PSO TCG Version 2 are still small, but are actually readable and reasonable.

PPA TCG Version 2 cards are still among my favorite card designs. They’re simple, but I like the way they came out.

Student Wars has one of the more complicated card layouts (and are also text-heavy), but I think they look quite nice. Downside is the smaller card photo.

The cards of Zeke’s Nose were very basic, but I like the art style.

I like the cards I’m currently working on, for RPG Get Version 2.

The card games themselves have also evolved quite a bit, although that’s more difficult to depict visually. It’s interesting to see how my game design went from unfocused and unplayable (Starcraft card game) to unfocused and reasonable (PPA TCG and PPA TCG Version 2, which was also my most successful card game) to focused and reasonable (Student Wars, which was also my largest card game) to too focused and uninteresting (Student Wars Version 2, which was overengineered to a fault). Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned in that.

Yay card games.

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  1. I like the PPA 2 and SW card layouts both a good amount, and SW 2 has a nice and professional, although slightly dull, layout also.

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