It’s been a fun break. Went to Ohio and had fun times ice skating and bowling, went to Vegas and saw Terry Fator, and came to the first PPA reunion. Photos from that will eventually be posted to my photos site.

The most amusing part of this break though, was digging through old boxes in my closet and coming across some of these:

Anyone remember these? :D

I now have a small, black blob blooping (and pooping) in a little plastic egg attached to my wallet. Yay!

4 thoughts on “Tamagotchi

  1. I still have mine!…Somewhere. I think he’s been in suspended animation for…oh, I dunno…almost three years now?

  2. I’m fairly certain that “tamagotchi” is a play on words for “Egg-Friend” in japanese, which makes me adore them all the more.

  3. I’m so jealous! My parents refused to buy me one of those when they were a fad. Now I kind of want an egg attached to my wallet…
    Also, will you let me know when you post the PPA reunion pictures? I’d like to have some of those around :)

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