Photo Firsts (Ben B., Tyler) and Stats

Edit: bblum suggested posting photos of each person from each time interval as well. It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal coding project, so I hacked this site together in about an hour. You can view stats for people and such. There aren’t photos for everyone yet (since it is now 4 AM and I should sleep), but the basic site functionality should be working.

Edit edit: Done now. All photos have been uploaded. I accidentally missed a few, but those will be uploaded later this afternoon.

So Photoshop Album tells me that I have now taken 204,885 photos.
It’s also the end of April, so it’s time to post stats for people from the past 4 months.

My first photo of Ben:

September 5, 2007 at the Activities Fair. (It’s the back of his head though.)

My first photo of Tyler:

August 29, 2005 next to Henderson.

I was curious how many different people I know (or at least knew enough to identify visually and assign a tag for), so I went through my tag bin.

    By rough category:

  • 71 people in Arizona (basically middle school plus a few random people from there)
  • 110 people in the Bay Area (including CMU people who have moved here)
  • 436 people at CMU
  • 151 people at PPA
  • 20 people from PSLC (summer internship my sophomore year of college)
  • 95 people at Salesforce (not including Sharon, Charles, Andrew, Matt, and Justin)
  • 23 people at Viz (summer internship my junior year of college)
  • 59 people in other random categories (Pittsburgh, Ohio, Colorado, Thailand)
  • for a total of roughly 965 people.

4 thoughts on “Photo Firsts (Ben B., Tyler) and Stats

  1. The thumbnails in the stats page don’t seem to work – I get broken images wherever there’s supposed to be one.

  2. Correction: The thumbnails seem to work for photos of Greg, but not anyone else.

  3. And now I read your post more carefully and you said there weren’t photos of everyone yet. Never mind.

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