So this weekend was full of worry, worry, worry oh god worry.
Had a doctor’s appointment today and everything was better. Yay doctors. I have a followup appointment in a month, but he doesn’t expect any issues.

Relatedly, I have to say that I’m a big fan of Kaiser. This makes two randomly-assigned doctors now, and both have been extremely knowledgable and friendly and approachable. Neither rushes you, and they both joked and chatted and generally made you feel at ease. I also like the convenience of having everything there… last time, I headed down one floor to get blood drawn, and it took very little time due to the HUGE number of blood-drawing stations they had.

Besides that, today has apparently been SPEND MONEY OMGZ day. This morning I bought this 1TB HD. I maybe should have waited until Black Friday, but I kind of need it now (my external drive is down to 4GB of free space), and it’s a good price anyway (assuming I get the rebate sent in and such). I can always buy another one during Black Friday if they’re really cheap. And if not, I can sleep in instead. Yay.

There was also the $15 copay for my doctor’s visit. Not a lot, but meh.

There was also also going to Best Buy (which was right there) and picking up the complete Firefly series. That’s another chunk of change.

My credit card is sad now. :P I’ve more than doubled the balance on it today.

So that’s been my day. Yay my day.

Edit: Yes, I voted. I voted by mail a month ago.
Also, now that I’ve actually updated my spending spreadsheet, looks like I nearly tripled my credit card balance today. Awesome. :X

Also, Maine, WTF is wrong with you? This is upsetting.

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